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You Can Make Losses in Real Estate By Buying “Good” Properties

Most buyers buy properties based on their general assumptions about the market. For example, freehold condos near MRT stations are supposedly the best! But how many buyers have actually tested this assumption and studied the price trends of such properties? Have you checked how much faster have prices of freehold condos increased compared to leasehold condos? Can you afford to make a wrong multi-million purchase based on unverified assumptions? What if you can use factual data to help you with your real estate decisions at no additional cost?

About Me

Hi, I am William Chen, an Associate Marketing Director with PropNex. Prior to joining Real Estate, I was a senior banker for over 10 years in a few international banks, covering regional corporate customers in Asiapacific. My previous role required extensive analysis and coordination across countries amongst internal and external stakeholders to meet my client’s requirements.

How is that relevant to you?

Today’s real estate market is governed by many more regulations and cooling measures than it used to be. If you are not careful, you may end up paying more than you should. The biggest challenge is that you may not be able to avoid certain problems if you did not know it is a problem to begin with. What do I mean? Let us use some case studies for illustration.

Case Study 1

Under the wrong advice of another agent, one of my clients placed a booking for a condo under his company’s name. His previous agent wrongly informed him that the ABSD payable was 15%. When I learnt about it, I alerted him that the ABSD was recently revised to 25% for companies, and told him not to exercise the option unless he was prepared to and able to fork out the additional 10%. He narrowly avoid huge losses, which he would have only discovered later if he had gone ahead to exercise the option.

Case Study 2

With the right planning, I’ve helped one of our clients sell her 4R HDB with $19k COV and upgrade to another property whose prices rose much faster than her previous flat, whose value dropped over time. The transaction was planned not just meet to meet their immediate housing needs, but was also meant to take care of their retirement plans in 30-years’ time. Read their full story here.

Case Study 3

Husband is a Singapore Citizen. Wife is a PR. With the right planning and execution, we worked together to purchase 2 separate properties without incurring any ABSD obligations.

Beat the Odds with Market Intel

Most buyers are faced with the following real estate decisions:



Should I buy a more affordable HDB flat or a more expensive private condo? Which is better value for money, and offers higher capital gains?



Is it worth paying more for a freehold condo? How did the prices of freehold and leasehold properties perform over time?



Why are so many buyers buying new condos despite its higher price tag? Is it worth the wait? Does it make sense to rent while waiting?

Do you have these unanswered questions too? Using actual numbers for demand and supply over the next 5 years from sources such as HDB, URA and MOM, you can make your own forecasts about the prices for both HDBs and private properties over the next 5 years. I connect the dots for you so that you can have an edge over everyone else.


Here are what some of my clients felt about working together with me:

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Kas Ng
Kas Ng
Efficient, professional, knowledgeable and most importantly very accommodating throughout the whole process of selling... and purchasing our property. working with William was a great experience and we will definitely recommend him to our friends and family!read more
Morgan Lim
Morgan Lim
Knowledgeable, learned and humble chap.Met with William for a casual chat on the prop market. He was selfless and... willing to share information and opinions on the market substantiated with facts and figures.read more
Jackson Chan
Jackson Chan
We worked with William Chen when we are searching for our first home. From the first meeting until the successful... closure, William was very knowledgeable, professional, trust-worthy, dedicated and responsive to multitude of enquiries from first timers like us.We were definitely impressed by Williams work ethic and the experience was perfectly concluded when he skillfully negotiated with our chosen flats' sellers.We appreciate William’s efforts in making the entire house hunting experience enjoyable & seamless, and would highly recommend him in our social circles.Thanks William!read more
Ivan Kcs
Ivan Kcs
I have met up with William for a chat on the state of current property market. William has shared new perspectives on... the property sector which is all based on facts and figures. These are based on extensive research and past trends of the property sector. This is different from the past property agents that i have met who are generally only focusing on closing the deal.read more

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A property transaction is probably the biggest transaction in your life, ever! If you plan to buy or sell any properties over the next 5 years, protect yourself and get up to date on the real estate market. Making decisions based on assumptions or emotions are common reasons why investors lose money in any asset, including shares and real estate. Let’s avoid that together.

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