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You Can Make Losses in Real Estate By Buying “Good” Properties

Freehold condos near MRT stations are supposedly the best! But how many buyers have actually tested this assumption and studied the price trends of such properties? Have you checked how much faster have prices of freehold condos increased compared to leasehold condos? Can you afford to make a wrong multi-million purchase based on unverified assumptions? What if you can use factual data to help you with your real estate decisions at no additional cost?

About Me

Hi, I am William Chen, an Associate Marketing Director with PropNex. Prior to joining Real Estate, I was a senior banker for over 10 years in a few international banks, covering regional corporate customers in Asiapacific. My previous role required extensive analysis and coordination across countries amongst internal and external stakeholders to meet my client’s requirements.

How is that relevant to you?

Today’s real estate market is governed by many more regulations and cooling measures than it used to be. Financial calculations for purchase and sale becomes much more complicated because of rules and regulations from various government bodies such as MAS, HDB and CPF. Even if you try to read up all the rules yourself, it is not easy to connect the dots. What are the kind of mistakes that some people make in real estate?

Case Study 1 – 99/1

One of my friends did her own research on the internet and proceeded to purchase a private property with her hubby based on 99/1 manner of holding. This was with the intention to decouple easily in the future while reducing the amount of stamp duty she has to pay at the point of decoupling.

Weeks after her purchase, she told me about it and I pointed out that this would be problematic. Although her hubby would only need to buy over 1% of her share in future (worth around only $10,000), he would have to cough out a lot of cash to refund the amount of CPF-OA she utilised (around $100,000) upon decoupling.

Unfortunately, this manner of 99/1 has backfired because it just made it harder for her to decouple in future because it won’t be easy to fork out the $100k cash for decoupling and have sufficient additional cash as downpayment of her next property. 

Case Study 2 – EC purchase

A couple waited 4 months for the launch of Piermont Grand, an Executive Condominium located in Punggol. They have a decent combined income of $10k, and aspired to purchase a 3 bedroom unit with the size of around 900sqft. The quantum was around $1m which seemed pretty affordable at around $1,100psf.

Did you know that based on $10k combined income, the max mortgage loan that you are eligible for an EC purchase is only around $670k? This couple didn’t know… until we had a chat when Piermont Grand launched for sale. Plus, they owned a 5 room HDB flat, which meant that they have to pay resale levy of $45k. Therefore, in total, they would need to fork out around $375k in cash and CPF for the downpayment, which was too much for them. So they gave up the idea of buying an EC.

Unfortunately, they missed a few opportunities during the 4 months of “waiting for nothing”, only to suffer a huge disappointment…

Beat the Odds with Market Intel

Most buyers are faced with the following real estate decisions:


Should I buy a more affordable HDB flat or a more expensive private condo? Which is better value for money, and offers higher capital gains?


Is it worth paying more for a freehold condo? How did the prices of freehold and leasehold properties perform over time?


Why are so many buyers buying new condos despite its higher price tag? Is it worth the wait? Does it make sense to rent while waiting?

Do you have these unanswered questions too? Using actual numbers from reliable sources such as HDB, URA and MOM, I connect the dots for you so that you can have an edge over everyone else.


Here are what some of my clients felt about working together with me:

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Adrian Lim
Adrian Lim
Wonderful friend and advisor. Capable fast and efficient and super helpful.
Ani Hamsome
Ani Hamsome
A very dedicated and responsible agent, William has never failed to answer any of my queries even though it may sound... stupid at times. 🙂 He is friendly and a very statistical person who never hard sell any property to anyone. He simply presents the facts and figures and guides you in the decision-making process. Ultimately, the final call is yours. Patient and taking pride in his job are just some fantastic attributes he possesses. Wait no more - hurray and grab him! Cheers! Leon.read more
Grace Heng
Grace Heng
if you need a property consultant William Chen IS the person you should contact - he will advice you with your... interest at heart & professionally take you through the journey you will be thankful for ! he’s patient & listens to your concerns - unassuming & will always be right by you !read more
Marvin Tan
Marvin Tan
William is a humble, knowledgeable chap who is genuinely interested in building long term relationships with you and... presenting you the “Facts and figures”.He explained everything via zoom call initially with well prepared numbers, figures and statistics, and takes the effort to really explain the most suitable recommendation for your profile (be it homestay or for investment). I like the fact that he takes the effort to explain over zoom to find out your needs FIRST, which is different from most other agents which force sell through pressure, hype of the beautiful showroom, or making you feel bad.Because of this unique way William approaches things, he makes sure that you do not fall into the “trap” of a beautiful showroom but in fact uses only the facts, figures, trends and numbers to equip you with the right knowledge to make your own decision.In addition he also has some very unique viewpoints which was contrarian/different to majority of agents out there. Although these viewpoints were different and shocking to me initially, he backed all of this up with logic, numbers and statistics and linked it to my investment time frame, and this opened my eyes to a new way of looking at things, instead of buying into the hype of a property or locality just because everyone else is doing it.I chanced across William when trying to apply for an EC and it got picked up by him through the computer system, but i am REALLY glad that he was the one picked it up. Because he opened my eyes to a new way of looking at properties.Taking his advice, i did not get the EC which i wanted to apply for, which would be of benefit to him - as he was determined to give me advice that was MOST beneficial to ME, and not only beneficial to him.This is what i call RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT. Thank you William! 🙏read more
Xueling Sage
Xueling Sage
William is very patient and efficient. Understood what we need and what we were looking for. Settle issues promptly,... plans ahead and advise us accordingly. Highly recommend to get his service.read more
Eye Drops
Eye Drops
Home visits are open now. If you're looking to buy or sell your home, or rent, I highly recommend my agent William... Chen.He can be contacted at 9011 9170.William is a former banker and ex-colleague of mine. Beyond just the basics of being a housing agent, he is articulate and analytical. William gives good insights on trends and updates of the housing market. Please know that I'm picky and careful about the words I use and saying 'articulate' and 'analytical' about someone is not a common occurrence.He is a good listener, which is a key trait in his role. A good problem solver who gives solutions and has your interests at heart.William also likes Ollie and Ozzy (my cats), which was a plus for me. And no, I don't get any commission from any onward sales he may make from this.read more
Jackson Chan
Jackson Chan
We worked with William Chen when we are searching for our first home. From the first meeting until the successful... closure, William was very knowledgeable, professional, trust-worthy, dedicated and responsive to multitude of enquiries from first timers like us.We were definitely impressed by Williams work ethic and the experience was perfectly concluded when he skillfully negotiated with our chosen flats' sellers.We appreciate William’s efforts in making the entire house hunting experience enjoyable & seamless, and would highly recommend him in our social circles.Thanks William!read more
Ivan Kcs
Ivan Kcs
I have met up with William for a chat on the state of current property market. William has shared new perspectives on... the property sector which is all based on facts and figures. These are based on extensive research and past trends of the property sector. This is different from the past property agents that i have met who are generally only focusing on closing the deal.read more
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A property transaction is probably the biggest transaction in your life, ever! If you plan to buy or sell any properties over the next 5 years, protect yourself and get up to date on the real estate market. Making decisions based on assumptions or emotions are common reasons why investors lose money in any asset, including shares and real estate. Let’s avoid that together.

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