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William Chen • Powerhaus
William Chen • Powerhaus
Forett @ Bukit Timah update!!!

Below stack are fully sold
STACK 42 ✅

As of 6pm, Forett had sold more than 150 units!!!!* 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Congrats to all buyers!!!*🎉🎉🎉

Cheapest units:

#01-20 $927k 474sf $1956psf
#04-14 $935k 474sf $1973psf
#05-14 $943k 474sf $1989psf

2 bed+Study
#03-40 $1.330M 689sf $1930psf
#04-40 $1.339M 689sf $1943psf

2 Bed+HS
#02-05 $1.330M 743sf $1790psf
#03-05 $1.358M 743sf $1828psf

3 Bed Deluxe
#02-06 $1.734M 947sf $1831psf
#03-06 $1.748M 947sf $1846psf

3 Bedroom Premium
#01-03 $2.080M 1076sf $1933psf
#02-39 $2.111M 1087sf $1942psf

3 Bed Dual-Key
#02-01 $1.930M 1033sf $1868psf
#03-01 $1.950M 1033sf $1888psf

4 Bedroom Premium
#02-67 $2.435M 1302sf $1870psf
#01-67 $2.455M 1302sf $1886psf

4 Bedroom Suites
#03-27 $2.846M 1442sf $1974psf

5 Bedroom
#02-51 $3.738M 1884sf $1984psf
William Chen • Powerhaus
William Chen • Powerhaus

Stagflation refers to an economy that is experiencing a simultaneous increase in inflation and stagnation of economic output.

Let's not kid ourselves. The economy is not doing well, and not expected to recover in the near future. However, the value of money is falling due to inflation and asset prices are going up.

How do we know when we are experiencing inflation due to devaluation of money? One major indicator is the price of gold. Gold is traditionally used as a store of value, and when the value of money depreciates, gold price tends to go up in money terms.

You might recall from history lessons about the use of banana money during the Japanese occupation in Malaya. There was no control and the Japanese kept printing the banana notes. As a result, Singapore experienced hyperinflation and asset prices shot up. This environment was good for asset owners, but not so for those holding on to cash.

Now the US Fed is printing USD1.5 trillion in cash. Is now a good time to be holding on to cash?
William Chen • Powerhaus
William Chen • Powerhaus

Prices at The Florence Residences are set to increase after this Sunday. That means you will immediately enjoy paper gains if you book a unit this week.

You're probably thinking it's crazy that developers are still increasing prices despite the covid situation. Well, it really depends.. if you're selling hotcakes during an economic downturn, and you have long queues to buy them, does it sound crazy to increase prices? Of course not!

Conversely, even if you're selling stuff during an economic boom, and nobody buys from you, you'll probably consider dropping your prices.

If you're a bargain hunter, beware of falling into the trap of buying into discounts especially if the discount is offered because the product is something that is hard to find buyers for😄
William Chen • Powerhaus
William Chen • Powerhaus

This sounds like a very familiar story. Back in 2008, we had a financial crisis and the world was at a brink of collapse. It was bank bailout after bank bailout, and bankers in the west were demonised because main street was disgusted that they had to use taxpayers money to bailout high-salaried bankers who got them in the mess in the first place.

The market didn't have a chance to recover before the next worry came along in 2010 - PIIGS (in case you forgot, this stands for Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain). There was widespread fear that one or more of these European economies will default on their national debt, and create another economic contagion.

If you recall what happened during those few years, the job market and economic outlook was bleak. Most people expected the stock and property market to do badly. I was one of them, and I shorted some stocks using CFD, hoping to make a quick buck. What happened next was that I lost a lot of money 🙁

Though the world economy was really doing badly, the effects of inflation through money printing was unstoppable. It was so overwhelming that it took 8 rounds of cooling measures to stop property prices in Singapore from rising uncontrollably by 50% over 5 years of bad economy.

Now in 2020, on one hand, we have COVID19. On the other, we have Fed printing $1.5 trillion into the market. You have 2 choices:
1) Hold money for fear of losing it; or
2) Convert money into other assets for fear of holding on to money which is losing value against other assets.
Which will you choose?

For now, it seems like cash is losing its value to inflation as we can see from increase in property prices in both private and HDB segments.
William Chen • Powerhaus
William Chen • Powerhaus

How about living on the top floor of a nicely renovated 5 room flat with such a generous wardrobe that you can never fill up with your clothes?

How about sipping your coffee at your dining table while watching the world go by under sunny blue skies through your window?

How about feeling on top of the world, overlooking the million-dollar landed houses at your feet?

How about watching the starry night sky while lying in bed in the quiet of the night?

This home is within only 10mins stroll to Serangoon MRT station, with a comfortable size of 121sqm. You can own this dream for only $570k!

If I go on, the seller might decide not to sell this unit anymore. So I'm going to stop here 😄

Please whatsapp me for more info!
William Chen • Powerhaus
William Chen • Powerhaus

If you're eligible for refinancing now, here are the best rates in town now for private properties. PM me for more info!

- Completed / TOP Issued
- Min. loan S$200K

🔹 Fixed 2 years
Year 1 to 2: 1.38% Fixed
Thereafter: 2% (CHR - 2.25%)
(2 Yrs Lock-in)

🔹 Fixed 3 years
Year 1 to 3: 1.50% Fixed
Thereafter: 2% (CHR - 2.25%)
(3 Yrs Lock-in)