Selling Your Property

Dear Property Owner,

If you would like to sell your property at a higher price and at a faster pace, first consider this:

Have you heard of Singapore Shopping Centre?

Probably not.

Even if you did, will you shop there?

Looks familiar?

Do you know that Singapore Shopping Centre is right next to Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. Its location is just as central as that of Plaza Singapura. Yet, its popularity is nowhere close! Renting a store in Plaza Singapura would cost a few times more than in Singapore Shopping Centre! Why is it so?

If you own a property which is lesser known, it might take a while more for you to sell it (even if it is in a good location) because there are less people actively searching for it on Propertyguru. Chances are, your ideal buyers may not even know that your property exists! This puts your plans in limbo because you are upgrading/downgrading, and you have set your eyes on your next property.

What if it is sold to someone else before you can buy it?

Will you settle for 2nd best or wait indefinitely for a next better option?

And by the time you managed to sell your place, what if you cannot find a suitable alternative at that point in time?

Isn’t the uncertainty frustrating?!

Or worse still, you have already bought your next residential property and have only 6 months to sell your current property to claim your ABSD refund… and time is running out!

This is a stressful situation. How can we help?

Lowering your price is the easy way out and should be your last resort (unless your asking price is way above valuation)!

Do you know most sellers will simply arrange for their units to be listed on Propertyguru and passively wait for buyers to turn up. That works fine if your property is a superstar like Plaza Singapura. But what if it’s not?

Closing a tough sale

(a true story)

Here’s how we helped one of our clients sell her 26-year-old Executive Apartment (1561 sqft for $530k) in Bukit Batok. This HDB unit had the following challenges from a seller’s standpoint:

  1. Facing main road (Bukit Batok Road)
  2. Not near MRT
  3. West sun
  4. Many other Executive Apartments in Bukit Batok which are nearer to MRT station
  5. 26 years old

This is how the unit looked like, and its actual location.

When we listed the unit on Propertyguru, we had only 7 clicks per week, compared to an average of 30 per week (4x more) for other HDB units that we have listed. Assuming that the clicks-viewing ratio is the same, wouldn’t it take about 4x longer than average for this unit to be sold?

On average, a HDB unit takes about 4 months to be sold. If our unit took 4x longer, wouldn’t this unit end up being one of those that remain unsold even after 1 year of trying? Don’t forget that we expect a lower success rate for this unit due to buyers’ objection about the west sun and road facing condition when they come for viewing.

Catch Me if You Can

7 clicks per week was definitely insufficient. It would take forever to sell the unit, and the sellers cannot move on with their lives! We have to do something differently! We have to catch the buyers instead of waiting for them to come! To find the ideal buyer who is willing to buy this unit, he must first see it!

How did we catch our buyers…? By showing this advertisement to about 7,000 over people on Facebook. These 7,000 people are not just any random people who are surfing Facebook. They are a targeted audience of 40-60 year-olds, who live in Bukit Batok / Bukit Gombak / Choa Chu Kang and are interested in real estate.

Oh, did you notice that the living room now looks much bigger than the original condition? Yes, that’s important too! Why do you think Apple pays good looking models to appear in their product advertisements?

In the end, guess how long did we take to sell this unit?

With the right marketing strategy, we took only 3.5 months!

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

– Benjamin Franklin

Everybody’s home is different, and a proper marketing plan is what we develop and execute for you. For you, we will recommend the right marketing strategy and channels for you to find the buyer who values your property as much as you do.

With a faster sale, you can stop worrying. With a faster sale, you can avoid the inconvenient disruptions when buyers come to view your home. With a faster sale, you can move on faster to your next dream home!

Have a chat with us to find out more before deciding for yourself whether we can help you meet your objectives when selling your property. If you only want a plain vanilla arrangement to list your unit for sale on Propertyguru, we can do that too, but with more flair! Simply leave us your details in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch!

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